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IN BMV Test Simulator: Exam Mode 2019

The knowledge exam to get your learner’s permit and license in Indiana is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions based on the 2019 Indiana Driver’s Manual. The questions are divided into two categories, which are graded separately, but you’ll need to pass both simultaneously to receive your learner’s permit. Questions covering road rules make up 34 of the questions on the test, and you’ll be required to answer at least 28 of these questions correctly to pass this section. The remaining 16 questions focus on road signs, and you cannot miss more than two road signs questions to pass the test. You may retake the test the next day, up to three times, before a mandatory 60-day waiting period. Once you have your permit, you’ll be required to hold your permit for 180 days while you complete 50 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours of night driving. This BMV practice test in exam mode is the ideal final step before going to the BMV to take the written knowledge test, as it is as similar to the “real thing” as possible. Hints and answers are disabled, and the test will end early if you miss too many questions to pass, to give you the most authentic testing experience possible. In conjunction with studying the driver’s manual, this practice test will make it more likely for you to pass your written test on the first try.

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